Dulux Satinwood Quick Dry

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This paint does not cover.I bought Barley White and used over white paint/undercoat.

No proper coverage after 3 coats. It has the consistency of water. I have also had a bad experience with Dulux 'Once'. I will never use Dulux paint again.

I am quite experienced at house painting and have used a lot of different paints but have never had such bad quality paint, even when using really cheap paint in the past. Has paint got worse over the years? I'll stick to Fired Earth in future!

Apparently I have to submit a minimum of 100 words but I have said all I want to say!

Review about: Dulux Satinwood Quick Dry.


Woking, England, United Kingdom #787633

Wish I had seen this before I bought the same today, You are right it doesn't cover and very, very watery!!!

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